Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/19/2021
Teacher of the Year- Jackie SalisburyAs the 2020- 2021 school year comes to end the community and San Cayetano Elementary come together and nominate a teacher of the year. This school year was unlike any other in which the community and school had a tough decision to make. For someone to be nominated as teacher of the year this year, they had to go the extra mile and work harder than ever before due to both in-class learning as well as online learning. Fortunately, one teacher stood out amongst the rest to represent San Cayetano Elementary.

Teacher Jackie Salisbury is the definition of the teacher of the year award. Mrs. Salisbury went above and beyond to teach at her fullest potential. Mrs. Salisbury disregarded the “norms” that teachers usually have each school year and adapted to the current situation by implementing online classwork as well as in-class described as a hybrid model. This year, the hybrid model was adopted at San Cayetano due to the unknown of the pandemic. Although each teacher did their best to adapt to the hybrid model, Mrs. Salisbury strived to make the transition easy for the students and made all of the coursework easy to complete due to her organizational skills.

I was able to speak with Mrs. Salisbury one on one and ask her questions about her time here at San Cayetano. First, we discussed how long she has been in education. “I started back in 1999 teaching in Nogales then made the transition to San Cayetano in 2004” Mrs. Salisbury stated. What grades did you teach when you came to San Cayetano, I asked. “I taught 3rd and 4th grade, then in 2016, I made another transition to become the reading intervention specialist for all grade levels” she said. Speaking with Mrs. Salisbury, I could tell she knew a lot about education, so I asked her “why teaching?” She said “I have a passion for these students and education.”

Mrs. Salisbury isn’t new to winning teacher of the year, and yet she remains humble and honored. Back in the 2015-2016 school year, Mrs. Salisbury was picked by the community and San Cayetano Elementary for teacher of the year. I asked her how she felt about winning back then. She said “I was surprised but very honored to be chosen.” I asked her if this year was a different experience in which she told me “no, I felt the same kind of gratitude from the community and school.” We finally went on to talk about advice. I asked her what advice would you give to teachers that potentially want to receive this award in the future. She said “ make sure to network and communicate with staff, students, and families as much as possible. You have to give the time and dedication to this career and always be positive about every situation.”

After sitting down with Mrs. Salisbury, I understand why she has been teacher of the year twice. She is witty, humble, and shows good representation of San Cayetano. I wish nothing but the best for Mrs. Salisbury as she moves on to teacher of the year for the district.