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Where All the Wild Things Are
Posted on 04/28/2022
First graders ready and excited to start their adventure at the zoo.

First graders ready and excited to start their adventure at the zoo. 

Students from left to right: Gianna Schultz, Milan Guerrero, Kynlee Alvarez, Jose Perez, Arianna Preciado, Mackenzie Bickford

With the weather getting warm again, it was a great opportunity for our Kinder and 1st grade cheetahs to check out and explore the different animals that live at Reid Park Zoo located in Tucson, Arizona. 

This was the first field trip for 1st grade students, seeing as last year no field trips were being conducted because of health restrictions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As the students, teachers, and volunteers made their way through the zoo they were keeping a look out for specific animals. Kindergartener Olivia Santamaria was very excited to see snakes. She loved seeing their habitat and the different types of enclosures for different types of reptiles. 

First grader Milan Guerrero was eager to see the lion and lioness in their habitat. “My favorite part was hearing the lion rawr. I have only seen that in movies.”

After the adventurous time in the zoo all students and teachers were able to have an outside picnic under the ramada where the students ate their lunch provided by Sodexo and after were able to let out some energy and play at the park. 

It’s safe to say the ride back to campus was a silent one with most of the student’s tired out from the excitement of bringing back field trips. 

When asked what it mean to teachers having field trips back Kinder teacher Ms. Trujillo said, “It's great for the kids, that's why we put so much work and effort into planning it. Some of these kids are not able to experience these adventures because of circumstances at home and allowing them to have that adventure, seeing their excitement and happy faces is always rewarding”. 

Thank you to the kinder and 1st grade teachers for giving their students an opportunity to see and enjoy their time outside of school while still learning and broadening their minds in a different environment.