Gooood Morning cheetahs!

Gooood Morning Cheetahs!
Posted on 04/28/2022
K-5 students coming together ready to start a new day!

As the start of a new year begins, so do new traditions. Mrs. Renteria began a new weekly tradition of morning ceremony. On a weekly basis each Friday the entire school gathers around to listen to announcements which are dictated by our 5th grade STUCCO leaders. During the morning ceremony the students say the pledge of allegiance, followed by the students pledge of the things they say, think, and do LEARN. Teachers chime in and recite the staff pledge of the things they say, think, and do CARE. 

In order to acknowledge birthdays the students are called up to the front and the entire school sings and dances the happy birthday song, “Happy happy birthday, happy happy day were glad you came to join us on this your special day. Rumble to the bottom, rumble to the top, turn around, turn around, and do a great big hop”. Students laugh and enjoy this two minute song and dance. 

Carely Bravo 2nd grade teacher mentioned that she remembers doing morning ceremony vividly during her elementary school years. “It became a “core memory”, something I always looked forward to in the morning at my elementary school. Now as the teacher I love seeing the kids' faces light up because it reassures me that we are giving kids a positive core memory”. 

When asking students how they felt about having our new tradition of morning ceremony 4th grade student Thomas Smith said the following, “ I love seeing the entire school come together, I also like seeing faces to the voices we hear every day on the announcements. It’s cool to see kids making announcements. I like it”. 

Along with birthdays at the end of each month, student of the month, staff of the month and golden classrooms are mentioned, celebrated, and acknowledged. It's a moment for each student and classroom to feel celebrated and recognized respectively for their own accomplishments. 

Signing off the announcements “It's always a great day to be a Cheetah, GOOOOO CHEETAHS!”