Mrs. Raeber is Brewing Children's Creativity

Mrs. Raeber is Brewing Children's Creativity
Mrs. Raeber and students

San Cayetano is fortunate to have had Mrs. Cassidy Raeber join the Cheetah family this academic year! She teaches Art to students, Kindergarten through 5th grade, challenging them to think creatively every day.

When you walk into her classroom you won’t find her students sitting quiet and disconnected, instead you see children engaged and working attentively both in groups and individually. Her students are like little worker bees, working to finish assigned projects. She has a very hands on teaching style, which is obvious in the way she moves around the class. It is obvious that she puts so much love and effort into her classes.

Her commitment to our school, community and children is also inspiring. She goes above and beyond to showcase student artwork. You can find student's art peppered in the hallways of the school, the Santa Cruz Valley County Fair, the SCVUSD No. 35 District office and more. She has a close relationship with the Mexican Consulate and has loaned them student artwork of Mexican sugar skulls to be displayed in the parks of Nogales. Next year, students will have an opportunity to participate in a competition hosted by the Mexican Consulate! They will be making an altar for the Day of the Dead and the school who wins will be gifted a prize. 

Mrs. Raeber is especially proud of the work her students are doing in Art Club. The current club project allows students the opportunity to bring some joy to children with cancer. They have carefully learned to hand sew teddy bears and have invested a lot of time and heart into each bear to give away. Student's are so proud of this project and their efforts that they show up early to school to continue working towards finishing the teddy bears.  When asked what Mrs. Raber’s Art Club was like, Jeweliana Lopez said, “She likes having us with her, we do fun stuff and she’s always happy. I had fun doing it with her.”

She is receiving great feedback about the program from the students, school staff and community members. On January 23rd, a representative from the Department of Education and Santa Cruz County Superintendent Alfredo Velasquez, came to learn more about the art program at San Cayetano. Because of the great work and potential of her program, Mr. Alfredo Velasquez pledged to donate $1000! 

When asked how she feels about her Cheetahs, Mrs. Raeber says, "Ever since I started working here, I'm so excited to come to work and I stay kinda late and try to make all the projects really well thought out. I’m excited about the kids and I’m so excited to be able to work with them to help create different kinds of art using the elements of art we’ve been learning.” 

Mrs. Raeber has taught art for 5 years and continues to inspire students by creating a positive and creative environment where students can be themselves and gain confidence.