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Kindergarten class posing for a picture in front of Tubac Fire Department Ambulance
Tubac Fire Department School Trip
Feelings of joy and excitement could hardly be contained when San Cayetano Cheetahs were able to visit and tour the Tubac Fire Department. Grade levels were split into three groups which rotated through the stations with the help of the firefighters. At each station, students learned about the purpose of the fire truck, the emergency helicopter, and the inside of the station.
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K-5 students coming together ready to start a new day!
Gooood Morning Cheetahs!
As the start of a new year begins, so do new traditions. Mrs. Renteria began a new weekly tradition of morning ceremony. On a weekly basis each Friday the entire school gathers around to listen to announcements which are dictated by our 5th grade STUCCO leaders. During the morning ceremony the students say the pledge of allegiance, followed by the students pledge of the things they say, think, and do LEARN. Teachers chime in and recite the staff pledge of the things they say, think, and do CARE.
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Teacher of the Year- Jackie Salisbury
Teacher of the Year
As the 2020- 2021 school year comes to end the community and San Cayetano Elementary come together and nominate a teacher of the year. This school year was unlike any other in which the community and school had a tough decision to make. For someone to be nominated as teacher of the year this year, they had to go the extra mile and work harder than ever before due to both in-class learning as well as online learning. Fortunately, one teacher stood out amongst the rest to represent San Cayetano Elementary.
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