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Note From the Dean of Students

Families, please note that we continue to struggle with a high number of tardies and absences. We ask that you make a concerted effort to arrive to school earlier in order to assist in lessening the volume of traffic. We also ask that attendance be kept as a high priority and days are only missed when needed.

Regular attendance at school is vitally important to each student as it directly affects his/her progress academically and the development of positive work habits and attitudes. There is a direct correlation between student attendance and success or failure. Attendance laws require students to be in school all day or have a legitimate excuse. It is important to establish consistent attendance habits in order to succeed in school and in the world-of-work.

English Classes For Adults

Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District is offering free English classes for adults at a school near you. Please see our English classes for adults flyer for more information.

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