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Registration for the 2020–2021 School Year is Now Open

We are accepting applications for open enrollment, boundary exceptions, and kindergarten. Read more >>>

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Welcome To San Cayetano Elementary

We are an A school, a Title I High Performing & High Progress School

Welcome to San Cayetano Elementary, Home of the Cheetahs!

We are one of five schools in the Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35, located in Rio Rico, Arizona. San Cayetano believes that a positive partnership between teachers, students, and parents is the formula for success, and we have tremendous support available for our students. These include, but are not limited to, an engaged parent community that supports student learning, and a qualified and dedicated teacher and paraprofessional workforce.

Please visit this site often to stay up-to-date on San Cayetano!

Go Cheetahs!


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A Message from our Principal

Dear Families,

Here are some helpful tips for awesome attendance:

  • Remind your children that school is their first and most important job. Tardies, late arrivals, and early release times matter!
  • Communicate the importance of regular school attendance to your children so they are hearing the same thing we are saying at school.
  • Try to start your child's day 15 minutes earlier.
  • If your children have a doctor/dentist appointment, they can still get credit for the day if they attend at least some of the day. You can bring them before or after their appointment with a note from the doctor.
  • Help your child be an attendance HERO - Here Everyday Ready and On time!

Your Partner in Lifelong Learning,

Mimi Renteria

Mimi Renteria

"At the end of the day the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents." - Jane D. Hall

A Message from our Assistant Principal

Dear Families,

One of the most valuable life skills a student can learn is taking the responsibility of arriving at school every day on time. As parents and adults in the workforce, we know the importance of punctuality. As parents/guardians, we are our children’s first and most influential models of this critical life skill that will help our children become more successful adults. Let’s teach our children to always be on time starting now! The whole tone of a child's school day is set in the first part of the day. This is the time when we announce important school news, teachers define the plans/objectives for the day, and instruction begins. Please help support your children in learning habits that will help them be successful at school and throughout life.

Please be aware that beginning on October 1 any student who has three or more tardies for the month will not be eligible for Cheetah of the month or fine dining with the principal.

Thank you,

Dominic Armijo
Assistant to the Principal